An intelligent software delivering all the answers concerning daily Hydropower Generation.

Currently operating 18 Power Plants, Hydropower Optimizer is a computational multi-user and integrative system to daily hydropower dispatch considering  multiple goals.

Interactive map of plants operating with HPO in Brazil:

Our Solutions

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Hydropower Optimizer

It is an integrated, collaborative, multi-user tool to assist the decision-making process and promote a strategic overview to the daily Hydropower generation dispatch, considering environmental and mechanical constraints, maintaining operation.

Intelligent Event Analysis

Computational System responsible for recording adverse operational events. It empowers the Control Centre with electric generation and transmission data analysis.

Hydropower Environmental Monitoring

Computational System responsible for monitoring (Day-1) and assisting the audit of constraints and social environmental impacts (ESG), promoting harmony and governance to the company. This 100% interactive dashboard indicates which environmental constraints were violated, considering each unique particular characteristic of the Hydropower plant.

Optimal Revenue

Multicriteria Integrative Computational System to optimization programming operation expenses on a daily, monthly or annually basis. Therefore, the software maximizes the company’s charging financial performance.

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Our scalable products to the Electric Sector helps to promote real time assertive decision-making and more competitive businesses. Our team has technical and real life experience to support users whenever it is necessary.

Team Expertise

Our technological bases are always up to date, in order to create the most efficient solutions in the market.

Machine Learning

Knowledge extraction from different data sources, processing, classifications, grouping and providing predictions that enhance the decision-making process.

Big Data

Computational methods capable of processing enormous amounts of data available in different levels of complexity, being generated in distinct velocities and ambiguities levels. These sorts of data cannot be processed by traditional methods.

Multi-Objective Optimization

Maximization or minimization of objectives (efficiency, revenue, costs...) under specific constraints (budget, laws...) based on decision variables.

Digital Twin

A virtual copy of a real-world object or process. Detailed mathematical models that represent physical industrial processes. Digital Twins allow operators to anticipate failures and bottlenecks, generate reliable projections of scenarios, and optimize planning and operation.

Optimal Energy’s Operational advantages

  • cloud hosted system
  • environmental concerns
  • We build our solutions with the client aiming to solve the problems together
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