Optimize your hydropower generation whitin seconds

Hydropower Optimizer promote assertive decisions-making and a broader energetic programming overview as a whole.


Generation hourly hill-curve.


Improve control over generation variables and decrease production issues.

Assertive decision-making processes

Allows huge amount of data processing and forecast models.


Between model and real operation.

Totally cloud hosted

  • Data integration
  • Optimization
  • Assertive decision-making processes

Get ready to the future of hydropower production

  • Optimize daily hydropower generation.
  • Our tool decreases consistently risks and operational costs intrinsics to the power production process.
  • Control over 100 environmental and technical constraints, keeping your production process strictly aligned to governamental procedures.
  • Automate your generation.

Are you ready to be competitive in the future?

No more manually spreadsheeting your data! The future is Hydropower Optimize!

Far beyond just a dashboard

It is a new way of simulate and program daily generation production. An integrative, collaborative and optimizer tool
  • The system consider power plants geographically locate in a cascade topology, allowing a systemic view.
  • Real time system integrated to real operation for real solutions.
  • Easy consulting to the historical data.
  • It makes easy to visualize generation units operational ranges.
  • Multi-user.
  • Web based system.


If you have any question do not hesitate contacting us. Watch below helpful videos about our solution!
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This product was developed as an Aneel R&D project

Would you like to learn more about power production planning and operative constrains?

According to our White Paper, 70% of generation programming suggested by the Brazilian Regulator Agency to the Electric Sector (DESSEM) ended up violating Hydropower plant’s operational constraints